Frequently Asked Questions
Set-up and take-down of equipment is done at no charge for all our jobs.  There may be a delivery fee for
certain areas.  Please click the following link to determine if you are in the no charge area .

Equipment is delivered to ground floor.  If delivery is needed for the basement or upstairs (more than 3
steps), there will be an additional fee, to be determined at time of ordering.

under $50.00 are subject to a delivery charge regardless of the zip code of the delivery.

CANCELLATIONS must be made 14 days prior to the scheduled event to receive a deposit refund. All
orders cancelled within 14 days of the event will forfeit the entire deposit.

Payment Methods
A 30% deposit is due within 2 weeks of reserving items. The balance is then due upon delivery. We accept cash, check, or

When Will My Items Be Delivered?
We will notify you no later than the Wednesday evening before your event with an approximate delivery schedule for your
order. If you have any concerns regarding your delivery, please contact us immediately. Please note: You do not have to be
home for delivery to occur, however, it is highly recommended to have someone present to verify equipment count and
ensure correct tent placement.  Please be aware, the crews will not wait as we are on a schedule for our deliveries.  A re-
delivery will result in a $35.00 charge.
*Saturday Parties: Deliveries begin Thursday Morning and continue through Friday Evening and are scheduled according
to area. Special arrangements can be made for a particular delivery day and/or time, however, a $25.00 fee will be
Pick-up will be Monday or Tuesday.
*Sunday Parties: If your order was not delivered on Thursday or Friday, it will be delivered on Saturday. Pickup will be
Monday or Tuesday.

What Should I Do Before Delivery?
        Arrange to have the lawn cut prior to your scheduled delivery time. If this cannot be done, the tent can still be set-up
with the tables and chairs placed in an alternate area.  If we have to return to deliver the items, there will be a $35.00
        Clear area of any pet waste. Failure to do so will result in a $25.00 equipment cleaning fee.
        Stake out the area where the tent is to be set up and/or arrange to have someone home to ensure the tent is placed
where you want it. (Important Note: Mark sprinkler heads in the area where the tent will be set-up (add 5 feet to tent
dimension to allow for staking).  
        We cannot be held responsible for damaged sprinkler lines -- please mark all sprinkler heads so that any damage
to the lines can be avoided as much as possible. Call Ms. Dig 48 hours prior to your delivery time to flag where
underground wiring or pipes lie.  
        Clear at least one lane of the driveway for delivery access.
        Please Note: When decorating Crepe Paper/Colored Streamers are NOT allowed on or near tents (causes staining
of tents)!!! Please do not tape any items to the tent. Tiki torches, firepits, fireworks, grills etc. are also prohibited near tents.
Table covers are highly recommended for tables.
        For your final payment, we accept Cash or Check (made payable to: Chesterfield Party Rental.) upon delivery of the
items.  We accept credit cards payments made up to 3 days prior to the scheduled delivery.  If payment cannot be made
prior to or upon delivery, we cannot guarantee items will be left.
        Clear area of any items that would prohibit us setting up the delivered items, such as lawn furniture, grills etc.  If the
delivery crew has to move items to complete the job there will be a $35.00 fee.

What Should I Do After My Event?
        Wipe down tables & chairs and have them under the tent for pickup just as they were delivered. Please make sure
all items are accessible for pick-up—Missing items will be charged a full replacement cost.  If we need to return for items
not accessible, there will be an additional fee of $35.00.  Re-check area for pet waste. There will be a $25.00 clean-up fee
imposed if items need to be cleaned.

Missing/Damaged Equipment
You are responsible for all equipment rented from the time our delivery crew leaves to time of pick-up. Please count and
inspect equipment before the crew departs from your residence--any missing or damaged items will be charged at
complete replacement cost.
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