Port Huron
**All of our moonwalks are suitable for boys and girls of all ages!!**

All Day Rental(picked up before dark)
Keep overnight for $75.00 more

Our moonwalks are extra clean!
Castle Bounce
Gladiator Joust
Jungle Bounce

Blue Monster Water
Safari Bounce
Obstacle Course
5 in 1 Bounce
Dinosaur Race
2 Lane Bungee

How much space is needed for your moonwalks?
An 18x18 foot area for the 13x13 moonwalks and a 20x20 foot area for the 15x15 moonwalks is ideal. This gives enough room for kids to get
into and out of the unit as well as enough space behind the moonwalk for the blower.

What is your weather policy?
All of our moonwalks have a roof which provides shade from sun and light rain. However, if the local weather is calling for all-day rain/storms
or winds of 25 mph or more on your reserved day, the moonwalk can be cancelled (either by us or by you). After the moonwalk is set-up, no
refunds will be given due to weather conditions.

How many children can go on the moonwalk at one time?
15x15:                                                    13x13 & Combo Units:
Ages 2-8 = 6-8 children                        4-6 children
Ages 9-13 = 4-6 children                      2-4 children
Ages 14-17 = 2-4 children                    1-2 children
Agest 18+ = 1-2 adults                          1-2 adults

Does the moonwalk have to remain inflated the entire time it is in my possession?
No. The blower on the unit has an on/off switch that quickly inflates the unit whenever you are ready to use it. Simply turn the switch off when
not in use, and the unit will deflate.

Does the moonwalk have to be set-up on grass?
Grass is preferred for our set-ups for the safety of the bouncers as well as the safety of the unit. Please let us know when reserving your
moonwalk if you require a cement set-up so we can bring a tarp to protect the bottom of the moonwalk from the cement..